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I am a self-taught artist with a lifetime passion for drawing and painting. My subject interests are eclectic but I have a special interest in life drawing. Working mainly in charcoal and pastel, my preferred style reflects a fondness for chiaroscuro.

The drawings on this site have been produced using varying grades of black charcoal and white pastel on a mid-toned paper. In most cases the subject was illuminated by a single light source. The ambient lighting was kept as low as possible but occasionally a reflector or low luminance secondary light was employed to lift the unlit side of the figure.

I offer reasonable rates for commissioned work and, depending on the project, am happy to collaborate, usually on the basis of a day's modelling in exchange for a framed drawing - plus plenty of food, tea and coffee on the day!

I hope you like my work.

© 2018 by Brian Murphy

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